Need more than just a website? With Materiell, you’ll also get the benefit of our experience in up-to-the-minute marketing strategies: our skills in branding, our expertise in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) , and our ability to harness the growing power of social media. Our goal is to build a beautiful and effective website for your business or organization.

Why does my company need a brand strategy?

Whether you are trying to become a category killer or just trying to get your name out there, the right brand strategy can deliver your message.  With the right brand strategy, you can:

  • Define and improve your brand identity
  • Find new customers and improve customer loyalty
  • Hire and retain the employees that fit your mission

Don’t waste your time and resources targeting the wrong customers and getting your message lost in the sea of information.

Our research and consulting services can help you understand your target audience better.

Creating a new brand or rebranding an old one requires more than a new logo and color scheme.  It requires a deep understanding of who you are, what you do, what your customers think about you, and what sets you apart from your competitors.

We can monitor how your audience interacts with your digital media letting you constantly refine your brand strategy and outreach.   We deliver easy-to-understand metrics and analysis of what drives people to your website and which channels provide the best return on your investment.

The right brand identity helps you deliver your message to the right people.

We can help you define or improve your brand identity for improved name recognition and customer loyalty.  Whether you need a new name and logo or targeted marketing, we can help you build a brand identity that delivers your message to the right people.  Whether you want a more professional look or a more fun look, we’ll help you find the sweet spot that tells people who you are.

The right content strategy complements your brand strategy.

After all, a beautiful website with boring content won’t last.  We’ll help you identify what your audience wants to know and build a website that presents your content in the right format for your audience.  We can create guest blog entries, attractive infographicscase studies and white papers that showcase all that your company can do.

We tailor your website and social media outlets to work for you and your brand.

In today’s world, social media is a must.  Social media helps you improve brand awareness, target the right customers, get customer feedback, and engage in your community.  Whether you use LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest, we know how make social media work for you.

Our expertise in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) makes your brand stick out from among the crowd of search results, increasing both brand awareness and click-throughs and ultimately sales.  We can help you get the best return from online marketing, whether its Google Adwords or a Facebook campaign.