Digital Marketing

Feed your marketing funnel with SEO, CRO, and Inbound Marketing in Monroe-West Monroe, LA

Understanding and optimizing your funnel is the key to your brand’s success

Feed your funnel with SEO and Content Marketing

Draw more customers to your site with Search Engine Optimization, content marketing, paid search, and social ads. Give your market what they want with our research-based campaigns. They’re custom-tailored to connect with your audience and feed fresh leads into the top of your funnel. Then we track the ROI of every medium to find out what converts best.

Optimize your funnel with CRO

More traffic is useless unless your site is optimized for conversions. Through Conversion Rate Optimization we can increase your site’s close rate over time through testing, not guesswork. Testing headlines, imagery, CTAs and more can double your conversion rate…and that can double your revenue.

Make data-based decisions

Do you know for sure what people do on your site? If not, then how do you know what’s working and what isn’t? We track your users’ behavior to understand how they’re engaging with your site and where it’s leaking money. With this empirical evidence, we can pinpoint exactly what needs to change, saving valuable time and resources. Know, don’t guess.

Seize chances with agile-based retainers

When you’re agile, you can capitalize on opportunities faster than competitors. Need a campaign in 2 weeks to promote a new feature? Done. Need a landing page and email campaign live and promoted through content marketing, AdWords and social? Done. That’s the power of our flexible scope, agile retainer. We can easily pivot every two weeks to focus on what gives you the most value. It’s collaborative, deliverable, and results-driven.

Rely on a proven track record

We work with startups, publicly-traded technology companies from Silicon Valley, and everything in between with:

  • up to millions of dollars of revenue
  • up to millions of visits a month
  • up to 6-figure email distribution lists

Discover opportunities

Find out the strengths and weaknesses of your competition’s strategy, how you can gain more market share, and how we can help feed your brand’s marketing funnel and optimize every opportunity. [Contact us]