We want to provide our online audience as well as our existing clients with a carefully selected and curated list of free resources covering a range of different topics across the digital media landscape. Some of these resources are downloadable PDF documents; others are links to online resources.

Our free resources are sorted by topic to make them easier to find. Newly added resources are at the top of each listing. Can’t find something you are looking for? Just let us know and we will help!

Please note that while we so our best to assure the accuracy and currency of our listed resources we can not guarantee that. We simply provide the information as a public service. Downloading or visiting any of these resources is strictly at your own risk.



Are you considering doing your own search engine optimization? SEO is a pretty complex field that involves a number of skills and strategies. We highly recommend that you download this FREE Starter Guide to SEO from Google before you make mistakes that could defeat your efforts.


Need website hosting for your new WordPress website? We recommend that you check out WPEngine, a top rated WordPress hosting provider. Get worry free website hosting, security and performance enhancements to keep your online presence up and running.

Even better, use the button below to signup for website hosting from WPEngine and get up to 5 months FREE!


Need branded email and related services for your new online presence? We recommend Google’s GSuite for Business. In addition to Gmail based email services you will get all the other Google goodies, including Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Calendar, and more.

Even better, use the button below to sign up for GSuite for Business and save 20% for the first year!


Frustrated by your social media images getting cropped or looking fuzzy? Since every social network has different image sizes you need to create individual profile and cover images for each. To make this easier for you here is Sprout Social’s guide to common social media platform image sizes, updated for 2017!

Posting on social media becomes much more effective if you do it at the right time. It also helps to know how often you should post on social media. Since each social platform or network focuses on a different target audience timing and frequency vary. To help you sort this all out here is a great post from the Coschedule Blog!


In the digital age it is absolutely essential that you protect your online presence. And that involves creating strong passwords! Unfortunately creating strong passwords is a big challenge for most people. To help you do better than “admin1234” try this free password generator instead.

Big shoutout to Qusai for sharing this resource with us!

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