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Website Content Writing and Editing Services

Many people will hire a professional when they need to build a website because they know that site design is a special skill, but will then forget that writing effective website content is, too. One of the advantages of Materiell is that we bring both skills to the table, so we’re able to help you craft your content as well as your design. Below are just of the few areas on which we can consult with you when it’s time to add in the words.

Effective Marketing Content

Above all else, your site’s text needs to have three qualities: clarity, precision, and brevity. An experienced web writer keeps his or her sentences clean, clear, and straightforward, rather than getting distracted by unnecessary details. Web writing also needs to make its points as explicitly as possible, because too many vague or abstract words make content both less useful and less interesting. We’ll help you stay on track with concrete examples and specific language. Finally, one of the hardest things to learn about writing for websites is that no matter how much you’ve got to say, you have to give it to people in manageable chunks. The longer the paragraph, the more likely readers are to skim and miss the point. We’ve learned this lesson well, and can bring our experience to your project.

Interesting Content for your Clients

Finally, there’s the factor that sets great content apart from just functional content: an engaging style. At Materiell, we understand that writing with style doesn’t mean using language that tries so hard to be unique that it fails to actually communicate to real people. For us, style means working with you to create a voice for your website, one that’s inspired by and relevant to your needs. The best website content isn’t just a catalog of information–it can express something important about a company, whether it’s excitement and innovation or reliability and professionalism.

Call our office with any questions about our content writing and editing services. We are here to listen and help!